SUPERLUMINAR. Also super to work for.

If you are looking for just another job, stay away. You probably will not be super happy working with us. Because we are not just looking for another employee, we want individuals who want to work with us, who want to make our clients super happy. So, if you are super curious, super obsessed with quality, super committed to learning new things – we might be a super fit.

If your sense of accomplishment comes from clocking overtime on client projects, or managing a large team, then superluminar might not be right for you. That’s just not how we operate. However, if your motivation stems from the value you bring to the table, your expertise, your dedication to finding the best possible solutions for your clients, and your openness to your colleagues' insights and knowledge – then let’s talk.

We believe that where and how much you work isn’t as crucial as working together towards our common goals.

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We try to provide an open and inclusive workplace. We do not tolerate any kind of sexism, racism, anti-Semitism, homophobia, transphobia or other transgressive behaviour.

Here you can find our Code of Conduct

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