superluminar at techcamp Hamburg 2023

The techcamp Hamburg is a conference for developers, DevOps, and IT professionals focussing on hands-on experience. It’s a great opportunity to meet like-minded people, learn from each other and share experiences. Starting in 2018 as BarCamp, the techcamp conference organized by Silpion has a unique location: Schmidt Theater and Klubhaus St. Pauli at Hamburg’s Reeperbahn. This offers a good mix between a tech conference and a relaxed atmosphere with a lot of space for networking since the conference location also includes cafés and bars next to it.


In 2023 during 31st of May and 1st of June, the techcamp Hamburg hosted again 50+ sessions focusing on the latest trends and technologies in the IT industry. superluminar was one of the main sponsors. We proudly hosted the opening keynote and a hands-on workshop.

The Keynote: Sustainability in Tech and Beyond

Together with our customers MOIA and Dance, our Senior Cloud Consultant Nora opened the conference with the Keynote “Sustainability in Tech and Beyond”. Since sustainability is a fundamental pillar of our communal life, there is the growing call to recognise it in the context of technology and software development. With inviting MOIA and Dance, we aimed both for product-wise and technical view on a sustainable lifestyle. Nora started with general impulses about why it’s so important to also consider sustainable workflows in our daily work as Software Developers and Enginees. She then proceeded with the progress we made at superluminar internally to act more responsible. Last year, we worked together with wecologic to measure our carbon footprint and find out ways offset it. This progress helps us to raise awareness within our company and then later at our customers, as well, e.g. by considering sustainable options for hosting.

Our guest speakers Moritz Siuts, Director of Engineering at MOIA, and Vincent Garrigues, Principle Software Engineer at Dance, later gave interesting insights about their daily work in the field. Moritz talked about how sustainability and costs go hand in hand in the cloud. Vincent showed the audience how to achieve a more sustainable setup while using Serverless with a small team of developers.

techcamp 2023 keynote

The Workshop: Cloudify your Frontend

Later in the first day of techcamp Hamburg our consultants Anne, Janosch and Verena were hosting the hands-on workshop “From Frontend to Fullstack - Cloudify your Frontend with AWS Serverless Services”. They taught the audience how to get the most out of your website by adding functionality with ease through serverless. It was a success. We could offer hands-on experience while letting people work on their own pace. But people didn’t just watch them deploying serverless functions. Through our “get you hands dirty” approach, paired with having an expert at your side during the whole workshop, we enabled the attendees to make the most out of this workshop.

  • If you want us to host a hands-on workshop on topics like cloud and serverless at your next event, please reach out to us at

techcamp 2023 workshop

And then…

The techcamp conference always feels like meeting your old pals. We love this atmosphere! To spread an extra cozy feeling, superluminar sponsored a Popcorn machine. Attendees could grab a bag popcorn on the go and enjoy it during the sessions. After the last session, people came together, network and enjoyed the evening with cold drinks. This was also a chance to recap some sessions together with other attendees. Really great way to stay concected in Hamburg’s tech community!

We had an awesome time reuniting in Hamburg and also welcoming our new colleague Geri from Vienna in person! Thanks techcamp Hamburg for having us! We are looking forward to the next one!

superluminar group

pictures © Torben Conrad

photo of Nora

Nora is a Senior Cloud Consultant at superluminar and AWS Community Builder. She writes here mainly about DevOps, Infrastructure as Code und Observability. You can find Nora on Twitter and Instagram. She organises several events for the #WomenInTech Community.