SUPERLUMINAR. Super focused.

We breathe technology. That's why we are super focused on AWS. We use our deep knowledge and experience to ensure our clients grow and thrive in the cloud.

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SUPERLUMINAR. Super to work with.

We work with our clients, we don’t just work for them. This is super important to us, because we are obsessed with quality, committed to performance, and know that it's a hands-on approach that will result in superluminal knowledge transfer to you and your teams.

superluminar is not the partner for everyone, we’re right for those who want genuine collaboration. If you're looking for a partner that executes tasks without question, we're probably not a match. But, if you're looking for a sparring partner, a team that will challenge your brief, and come up with unexpected, new, and smart ideas, great! let's join forces and create something super exceptional together.

Does this sound intense? It can be, but that’s superluminar. Super challenging, but always super competent. In the end, your success is our top priority, and we can't wait to see you super happy with the result!


Established in 2017, our founding team started with over eight years of cloud experience, having scaled millions of websites globally at Jimdo, one of Germany's most successful startups.

  • Anne Stein
    Anne Stein
  • Boris Erdmann
    Boris Erdmann
  • Gerald Vrana
    Gerald Vrana
  • Hendric Rüsch
    Hendric Rüsch
  • Jakob Bauers
    Jakob Bauers
  • Jan Brauer
    Jan Brauer
  • Joscha Meyer
    Joscha Meyer
  • Karina Serres
    Karina Serres
  • Lisa Heidorn
    Lisa Heidorn
  • Nora Schöner
    Nora Schöner
  • Rebecca Burnside
    Rebecca Burnside
  • Robert von Massow
    Robert von Massow
  • Till Kahlbrock
    Till Kahlbrock
  • Tobias Jakubowitz
    Tobias Jakubowitz
  • Valerie Vaske
    Valerie Vaske
  • Vanessa Giese
    Vanessa Giese
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